Targeted Mailing Lists

Connect with precision.

Hone your aim with a targeted mailing list for your next direct mail project. Whether you’re targeting a specific group of existing accountholders or reaching out into the greater public to grow business, can help you identify your audience with a mailing list tailored to any demographic in any geographic region. Simply choose from the options listed below, and you'll increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of your next campaign. 

  • Household Income
  • Homeowners
  • Zip+4 Model Credit Score
  • Radius from Branch
  • Age
  • Education
  • Zip Code
  • Credit Card Type
  • New Movers
  • Home Value
  • Home Equity Estimate
  • Auto Make, Model and Year Purchased
  • Years at Residence
  • Mortgage/Sale Date
  • Mortgage Amount
  • Mortgage Loan Interest Rate
  • Mortgage Finance Type
  • Mortgage Loan Type
  • Affluent Households
  • Affluent Baby Boomers
  • Upscale Seniors
  • IRA Candidates
  • Reverse Mortgage Candidates
  • Home Loan-to-Value Percentage

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