Aspire Case Study

In Focus: Cross-Media Marketing
Aspire Federal Credit Union, a $175 million in Clark, New Jersey, used’ Cross-Media Marketing platform for their winter skip-a-pay promotion.

How It Works’ Cross-Media Marketing program combines direct mail with online marketing for an innovative approach to increasing response rates – and in Aspire’s case, ROI! Here’s how Cross-Media Marketing works:

  • We design a direct mail piece highlighting the offer and featuring recipient names, dynamic QR codes and personal web addresses (PURLs).
  • Intriguing personal web addresses lead to personalized websites—where recipients can easily fill out a pre-populated application or other information. They could also scan the QR code to be taken directly to their PURL!
  • We provide a FREE follow-up email, features a link to the PURL, to recipients who don’t respond within a set timeframe.

The Results
With the direct mail and follow-up email blast, we were able to reach over 2,000 of Aspire’s members with multiple hits. The attention-grabbing PURLs and QR codes worked – a full 17% of recipients visited their personalized websites! Once there, 358 members filled out the application for skip-a-pay. Aspire approved 426 skip-a-pay requests – and generated $30,260.

In Their Words
“This was our best skip-a-pay promotion yet!” – Alexia Mavrakes, Aspire Marketing Manager