Marketing Automation

Do more – while doing less.

Our innovative platform provides you with your very own marketing machine! You can transform consumers into trackable leads to monitor their website visits – and then target your leads with automated drip email marketing campaigns. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Marketing Automation SamplesWhat We Do: We create direct mail pieces, social media graphics and emails that contain general URLs (GURLs), which lead to online landing pages.
  • What Consumers Do: Consumers click a link in an email or complete a form on your landing page to become trackable leads. Next, targeted drip email campaigns automatically trigger and start to run behind the scenes.
  • What You Do: Watch trackable leads increase over time, and gain campaign insights through our reporting capabilities.

Marketing Automation is great for:

  • Onboarding Programs: By pairing Marketing Automation with onboarding, you can turn new accountholders into trackable leads right from the start!
  • Product & Service Promotions: GURLs make it easy for interested consumers to learn more and respond to your offer.
  • E-Newsletters: Gain trackable leads by directing readers to full articles on your website, incorporate calendar invites and more.
  • Event Invitations: Your invites can link to convenient online registration pages, and automatic reminder emails can be sent to registered attendees as an event date approaches.

Want to see our Marketing Automation platform in action? Just visit:

Pricing starts at just $845/month!*
(Discounted pricing of $695/month for onboarding customers.)


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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I’m so pleased with the results of the email! Image Works is awesome to work with. I run a one-woman department, so working with them is like having a department of 6 more experts on call! They’ve expanded my capabilities and offer some of the highest level service and design I’ve experienced. I love that they’re so on top of things, I’m usually the one slowing them down!”

- Carrie Boisonault, Kalsee Credit Union