Marketing Automation

Do more – while doing less.

Our innovative new platform provides you with your very own marketing machine! We’ll help you transform consumers into trackable leads so you can see which individuals are on specific webpages in real time. Then we’ll target those individuals with “drip” email marketing campaigns that trigger automatically and run behind the scenes.

Platform components include:

  • Marketing Automation SamplesEmail Creation & Distribution: Produce emails and send them to specific individuals.
  • Templates: Streamline email creation with brand-enhancing templates.
  • Automation: Set triggers to have emails automatically delivered to your target(s).
  • Marketing Analysis: View reports to gauge the effectiveness of your emails.
  • Mass Distribution: Send emails to a large audience.
  • Comprehensive Campaigns: Create multiple emails to promote your products and services.
  • Visitor ID: View website visitors in real time.
  • CRM Connection: Integrate the platform with an existing CRM system.
  • Response-Based Workflows: Develop plans to target specific individuals based on their email, website and landing page activity.
  • Social Media Presence: Post GURLs on social media platforms to gain trackable leads.
  • Lead Rankings: Assign points to leads based on their responses/activities, and determine their “importance.”
  • Multi-Channel Marketing: Supplement emails with direct mail pieces containing GURLs that lead to online landing pages.
  • Drip Email Campaigns: Create a series of emails that trigger based on recipient email clicks and website activity.
  • Trackable Leads: Use GURLs and email links to gain trackable leads. Then monitor trackable leads’ website activity and automatically send them targeted email campaigns.
  • Daily Reports: Receive a report in your inbox each morning that shows which trackable leads were on your website the previous day, which pages they viewed and for how long.
  • Call Tracking: Place unique phone numbers on your marketing materials so when recipients dial the number they will automatically be associated with a specific campaign.
  • Unlimited User Access: Grant platform access to as many users as you wish.

Pricing starts at just $695/month!*
(Discounted pricing of $495/month for onboarding customers)

*Six-month commitment required. See catalog for direct mail pricing.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I’m so pleased with the results of the email! Image Works is awesome to work with. I run a one-woman department, so working with them is like having a department of 6 more experts on call! They’ve expanded my capabilities and offer some of the highest level service and design I’ve experienced. I love that they’re so on top of things, I’m usually the one slowing them down!”

- Carrie Boisonault, Kalsee Credit Union