Loan Generation Marketing

Maximize your income

At, we offer loan generation programs to help you achieve maximum loan income for your bank or credit union! Using our advanced mailing list capabilities, we will identify and market directly to your creditworthy accountholders who currently have loans elsewhere—encouraging them to save money by refinancing with you. We can also target individuals outside your bank or credit union who meet the credit requirements for whatever loan type you’re promoting.

Best of all, by using our variable-data printing service, we can advertise different rates to select mail recipients based on individual credit levels. And with cross-media marketing (a powerful combination of direct mail, website and email marketing), we’ll help you raise loan generation response rates to new heights!

Take advantage of our loan generation programs to increase revenue in the following areas:  

  • Auto Loans
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Loans
  • And More!

Santa Clara County Loan Generation Case StudyUse our prescreen mailings for effective loan generation among active shoppers.

Pinpoint your target market, utilize your cross-sell opportunity and get optimal loan generation marketing results with SmartTrack—your very own market watchdog! Our SmartTrack program tells you which accountholders are actively shopping for mortgages, home equity loans, auto loans, personal loans and credit cards, giving you the opportunity to reach out and gain their business before a competitor does.

Here’s how SmartTrack works for loan generation:

    • First, send us your credit requirements and accountholder file, which we will upload to our secure platform.
    • Next, we’ll track inquiries from all three credit bureaus and deliver lists of your active, creditworthy shoppers in near real time.
    • Within 24 hours, we’ll target your creditworthy shoppers with an 11” x 6” jumbo postcard and email blast. Want to do your own marketing? No problem. The choice is yours!

Along with targeting accountholders to maximize loan generation among current customers and members, SmartTrack can also be used to identify promising new prospects for your financial institution using prescreened lists. Simply give us your marketing parameters and credit requirements, and we’ll provide lists of all the individuals actively shopping for loans within the desired radius/zip code of your office.

Contact us today for a complimentary analysis detailing just how many of your creditworthy accountholders shopped for loans in the last 30 days—and see all the opportunities ahead with loan generation marketing through!

Our always-low prices include:

  • Free copywriting
  • Unlimited design time
  • First proof in 10 days or less

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of the credit union auto loan refinance campaigns we’ve done with In just one campaign, we closed 189 auto loans (generating over $3.5 million), and 24 recreational vehicle loans (totaling $350k). We were thrilled with these results.”

- Pat Mott, Arlington Federal Credit Union