Educational Resources

Help consumers be financially happy, healthy and well. 

Looking to boost your image as a financial partner that truly has consumers’ best interests at heart? Look to’ educational resources! Our financial guides and online calculators not only provide consumers with the information they need to make smart decisions, but also demonstrate your expertise while showcasing your commitment to supporting the people you serve.

Financial Guides

Home-Buying Guide    Credit Card Guide   Auto-Buying Guide  
   Debt Consolidation Guide   Credit Score Guide

  • What’s Inside 
    Our financial guides are filled to the brim with helpful, informational articles covering home buying, auto buying, credit cards and financial emergencies. Written with a casual, conversational tone, these pieces are ideal for connecting with Millennial and Generation Z audiences.
  • Solo or Series

    While each guide can certainly stand on its own, you also have the option to present them as a harmonious series. Similar fonts and styles appear in all four guides – helping you exhibit a consistent image across all your educational offerings.

  • Costs and Customization 

    For a flat fee, you can purchase the guides as is and have your financial institution’s name, logo, branding colors and specific product information implemented into the design. Looking for more extensive customization options? Ask us for a quote today!


Online Calculators

  • Online CalculatorsPick Your Package 
    Help consumers test various financial scenarios with interactive online calculators – powered by Fintactix! Simply pick from among six different package offerings (with topics including auto, mortgage, home equity and more), and select a licensing term of one, two or three years.
  • Boost Your Brand 
    We believe your calculators should reflect your unique look. By adjusting fonts, colors and styles, our team will work to ensure that your calculators serve as a natural extension of your financial institution’s brand and image.
  • Promote Your Products 
    During the term of your license, calculators can be placed on your website and integrated into any landing pages we create for you – giving consumers easy access to this important tool and enhancing your product promotions.

Want to learn more about our financial guides and online calculators? Contact us today!

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