Dominion Energy CU Marketing Automation Case Study

Dominion Energy Credit Union in Virginia is a cooperative with around 22,000 members.

The credit union wanted an easy way to keep in touch not only with new members, but existing members as well.

In 2017, Dominion worked with us to launch a Marketing Automation and onboarding campaign – a program that would vastly expand over the next few years. Marketing Automation and onboarding work cohesively by using trackable leads to increase marketing efficiency to members, which is clearly demonstrated in the impressive numbers from Dominion’s emails and onboarding postcards.

From 2017 through the second quarter of 2020, more than 10,500 members became trackable (including both new and existing members). With these trackable leads, Dominion is able to send drip emails to specific members and market to promising targets while hardly lifting a finger.

  • Trackable Leads consumers who are eligible to receive automatic drip emails based on credit union webpage visits
    • Almost 50% of all members are currently trackable 
  • Onboarding Emails – the initial series of emails sent to new members
    • 52.72% average open rate
    • 6.36% average click rate
  • Onboarding Drip Emails – automatic emails sent to new members based on products/services they select on a landing page form
    • 73.26% average open rate
    • 22.11% average click rate
  • Quarterly Emails – fun and educational emails sent to members each quarter
    • 13.6% click rate and 2,419 form completions for 2020’s second-quarter fun email
    • 52.3% open rate for 2020’s second-quarter educational email
  • Website Drip Emails – automatic emails sent to trackable leads based on their credit union webpage visits
    • 56.54% average open rate
    • 16.40% average click rate
    • 5,100+ additional drip emails sent so far

“When we started our onboarding and Marketing Automation campaign with, we had no idea how big and successful it would truly be. With our onboarding program and additional member emails, we’re able to easily track our members and market to them very efficiently. The designs are great and spot on with our branding! The program has only become more effective over time, and we have’ help to thank for making it so easy!”

– Natalie Baker, Vice President, Marketing

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