Financial Marketing

Your Top Marketing Priorities

Your Top Marketing Priorities

A dramatic change in priorities for financial institutions this year is causing readers of the Guide to Financial Marketing to take notice. The report, which is sponsored by Duluxe and has been produced every year for the last five, provides a helpful survey about topics of interest to financial marketers.

Client Spotlight – Victoria Hanson of SMW Financial Credit Union

Client Spotlight - Victoria Hanson at SMW Financial Credit Union

While working as an art consultant for a major metro gallery, Victoria Hanson could never have predicted she would one day end up in the financial services industry. “It was an accident,” she says about her career switch, which occurred when her husband accepted a position in a smaller metro area – causing Victoria to have to find new employment.

Do More With Your Core Conversion

Four percent: That’s how many financial institutions plan on replacing their core systems within the next three years (The Financial Brand, 2018). How many should? Almost 100 percent. Most current systems are from the 80s and 90s, and even those installed within the past decade are already outdated due to the rapid advancements in technology.

List Health and Email Reputation

List Health and Email Reputation

Individuals' rights to receiving marketing communications has become a prominent topic in the last few years, and as regulations change, we see companies having to adapt to these regulations. We wanted to share some information with you regarding this growing concern in the marketing industry, specifically with email list health.