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Employee Spotlight: Kim Ziehr

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it was meant to be! This may be a cliché, but it holds true when it comes to’ senior copywriter Kim Ziehr. From entry-level copywriter, straight out of college, to head of an entire department, this is Kim’s journey with

Master the Plan, Master Your Marketing

Just like that, the holidays are nearing, Q4 is in full swing, and soon you’ll be tasked with answering some big questions about the year ahead. Undoubtedly, you’ll be faced with some questions about future marketing goals and plans. Before the panic sets in and objectives, strategies and tactics haunt you at night, take a step back. Ask yourself some questions and reflect on 2019.

How to Have an Amazing E-Newsletter

How to Have an Amazing E-Newsletter

If you’ve been working in the financial marketing field for long, you probably already know some of the tips and tricks for creating an amazing newsletter. But what about the newsletter’s younger, flashier cousin – the e-newsletter? E-newsletters exist in a completely different space from traditional, printed newsletters, and that means you need to play by a whole new set of rules.

Make a Connection

The world is more connected than ever, yet more people report feeling disconnected and lonely. We may have thousands of friends on social media and can send and receive messages instantly to anyone and everyone – but somewhere we are losing the sense of true connectedness.