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Put Your Best Foot Forward: Tips for Refocusing Your Marketing Strategies in 2020 and Beyond

If you take a moment to think back to January, it’s hard to fathom how much our world has changed. As a financial institution, the COVID-19 pandemic has put immense pressure on your staff, your patrons, your budget…just about everything. The marketing plan you entered 2020 with probably looks slightly – or majorly – different now too.

Employee Spotlight: Jimmy Krizka

Hailing from Buffalo Grove, IL, National Account Manager Jimmy and his beautiful wife, Shannon, have found their way home to Madison, WI – and lucky us! After just over a year at, Jimmy has shown his work ethic and passion for finding the best solutions for our clients. It’s hard to picture what IW was like before him!

Employee Spotlight: Anne Misky

In honor of Administrative Professionals’ Day, we are highlighting Anne Misky – the eyes, ears and heart of our company! As’ beloved office manager, Anne keeps this business up and running. With almost a dozen years of loyalty, she’s dedicated over 22,000 hours to, our clients and our coworkers.

Prepare NOW for Next Steps

Prepare NOW for Next Steps

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to dominate the news and impact businesses on a global scale – with many financial institutions racing to get the word out about lobby closures, drive-thru hours, precautionary measures, etc. But after you communicate to accountholders about these pressing issues, it’s important to start thinking ahead.