Hierarchy in Design – How to Make Your Message Clear

Hierarchy in Design

We graphic designers use hierarchy in our work to direct a reader’s eyes. Marketing collateral should not be like a maze, where readers are on a journey to figure out what to read next. Recipients may trash a piece rather than devote time to deciphering it. So, designers use the rules of hierarchy to make the text into a simple map that easily guides readers through the piece.

Images Made for Marketing

Images Made for Marketing

We know many of you want to keep your materials very personal and include your own images, but questions often arise about whether the images will work and be high enough resolution (high-res). With so many images being taken with cell phones these days, many are not the greatest when working in printed mediums, but generally are fine if being produced for the web.

Design Inspiration in Ireland

Design Inspiration in Ireland

My husband and I had an amazing opportunity to visit Ireland this spring for our honeymoon. As a graphic designer here at, I loved seeing all of the different signs, billboards, magazines and banners while traveling and wanted to share them with you, along with some of my thoughts and observations.

What the Font?

What the Font

Every day we use our tone of voice and body language to express the “feeling” of what we say. Telling someone “Nice shirt!” can be either a compliment or a criticism, depending on how you say it. So how can you express your tone in marketing materials? Typography! Typography is the art of arranging type to make written language readable and appealing.