What’s the Point of a General Awareness Ad?

What’s the Point of a General Awareness Ad?

Digital marketing is a powerful tool for connecting with consumers and engaging with potential customers. One of the most effective methods of digital marketing is the use of general awareness ads. These are designed to create brand recognition and generate interest in a product or service that your organization offers. By creating a positive impression of a company and its offerings, these ads can help to build brand loyalty and trust. Read on to find out why general awareness ads are so important in digital marketing and how they can help increase consumer engagement.

One of the most common questions we see when it comes time to create a digital marketing campaign is “What’s the point of a general awareness ad?” To keep it simple, think of general awareness ads as the elevator pitch for your company. Awareness of a brand is typically the first step in the buying process. Without knowing about your brand, a consumer is not going to consider your products. The use of a general awareness ad typically leads to higher conversion rates because you’re building familiarity with your brand.

General awareness ads let the consumer know what you’re all about and what makes you stand apart from your competition. The intent of a general awareness ad isn’t to compel someone to make a purchase the second they see one, it’s to create a sense of familiarity and comfort with a brand. More times than not, general awareness ads are accompanied by a series of other display ads promoting specific products. When a prospect sees an ad for one of the specific products, they’ll recognize the brand and be more inclined to take action.

A general awareness ad is never required for a digital campaign, but we do recommend them to help create brand recognition. Want to learn more about how you can get the most out of your digital marketing strategy? Sign up for a FREE digital assessment! This assessment will show you how your digital strategy compares to that of your competitors, as well as provide you with insights on how to improve your strategy.

Posted by Maddie Schneider - September 06, 2023