Webinar Recap: Strengthening Accountholder Relationships

Webinar Recap: Strengthening Accountholder Relationships

Customers who are new to your bank or credit union likely don’t know everything you offer or the perks of using your services for all their financial needs.

To close that gap, we recommend being proactive and consistent with your marketing to strengthen the relationships you have with accountholders – and that’s what we talked about in our most recent webinar!

Missed it? No worries! You can watch the recording or read the highlights below. 

Strengthening Relationships

Marketing Automation

This program builds a custom journey of communication with automated emails that showcase your most important products and services. One of the big benefits of Marketing Automation is that email recipients can become trackable. If they click a link in any of your Marketing Automation emails or fill out an online form, they become trackable on your website, meaning you can see which pages they visit.

IP Targeting

This is a tool you may not have considered, but with IP targeting, you have the power of repetition on your side, as well as the ability to quickly update the details of your campaign. In this scenario, the goal is expanding the number of products current accountholders have with you. We’d focus the campaign on one loan or deposit account promotion and target current accountholders who don’t have that product with you. At the end of the campaign, can provide return on investment data  by comparing who clicked on your ad and then followed through with your call to action.


Newsletters help keep your accountholders engaged. Taking an indirect, more educational approach to promoting products in your newsletter will help facilitate trust between you and your accountholders. You want them to see you as their most trusted source for financial information, and if you can do that while sharing the products you offer, then it’s a win-win!

Member Booklets & Branded Folders

The best part about developing member booklets and branded folders is their versatility – hand them out to new accountholders, give them away at events or post digital versions on your website. Plus, people tend to hold on to booklets and folders, making them a good investment. If you go the folder route, it’s easy to customize the inserts for each person or reprint a page with updated information.

Switch Kits

These are especially valuable for accountholders who came to you for a loan, CD or money market account. Once you have them in the door with one product, you might have an easier time getting them to move their checking and savings accounts over to you. We’re in an environment where many people don’t feel strong ties to their bank or credit union and might be willing to switch if the process is convenient. A switch kit provides that helpful bridge. We have several switch kit samples that are ready to go as templates; all they need is your branding.


Direct mail is still one of the most effective marketing methods, because consumers spend more time looking at their mail than digital marketing, and mail can hang around in people’s homes for days or weeks. We recommend keeping the copy concise and focusing on a few highlights that make your institution the best choice for your accountholders’ needs.

Memorable Copywriting

Be Concise and Compelling

Think about how people are going to experience your marketing. There are three types of readers:

  • Those who just scan the headlines.
  • Those who read the headlines and some of the copy.
  • Those who read everything.

With that in mind, we recommend having clear, strong headlines and subheads that convey your most important takeaway message. Callouts, short bullet points and clear calls to action also make it easier for your audience to digest the information.

In terms of the message, appealing to people’s desire to be well taken care of is a great direction. Solid customer service is essential, so if you can convey that with a headline that pulls on their heartstrings or makes them laugh, then you’re already winning!

Appeal to Their Problems

A lot of marketers make the mistake of focusing on the products and services they’re trying to sell instead of the solution they’re offering. People don’t buy products. They buy solutions to their problems or items that fulfill a desire.

For example, I’m probably not going to take out a personal loan just because you have a great rate. I need to connect your offer to a problem I’m currently struggling with – like feeling stressed about credit card debt. I need a solution to that problem; a personal loan is a great option, but my brain needs to make that connection. Make the connection for them with your copywriting and graphic design. 

Having a message your audience can relate to on an emotional level will draw them in, and then you can differentiate yourself by calling attention to whatever makes you a competitive choice.

Want Some Assistance?

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Tell us about your goals, and we’ll help create a strategy that meets your needs. Email your account manager today or send us a message at to get started.




Posted by Shelby Moyer - June 26, 2024