Webinar Recap: IP Targeting

Webinar Recap: IP Targeting: The Swiss Army Knife of Marketing

If you missed our most recent webinar – IP Targeting: The Swiss Army Knife of Marketing – don’t fret. Not only did we post it to our Vimeo page, we also broke down the key highlights below.

What is IP targeting?

IP targeting uses the IP addresses of homes to send digital ads to your audience.

We start by understanding who you want to target. You can provide a list of accountholders, or we can use a program that filters your audience based on a massive list of demographic options – like age, household income, and geographic location. We can even identify renters and if children are present in the home.

From there, we get a list of physical addresses for people that fit within your ideal audience, and we match those addresses to IP addresses.

Every physical address with an internet connection has a unique IP address, and we use that to send digital ads to any device connected to the internet at those homes. The ads appear in the website advertising of your audience and link back to your website or a custom landing page.

IP targeting is a valuable way to deliver your ad because we know with 95% confidence that you’re reaching the people who fit within your ideal audience.

Why do we call IP targeting the Swiss Army Knife of marketing?

  • It can be used for any campaign type – deposit account and loan promotions, brand awareness and more!
  • You can reach current and potential accountholders.
  • GeoFraming™ allows you to identify and market to people who visited a brick-and-mortar location or event (This is great for SEG-based credit unions).
  • Increase conversions by pairing the digital ads with direct mail.
  • We can provide return on investment data after the campaign is complete.

How has this worked for clients?

One example we shared is from Citizens National Bank. In 2021, they got word that one of their competitors was bought out by another bank, so Citzens used that as an opportunity to encourage people to switch banks.

The new bank wasn’t local, so that was a big selling point for Citizens, which positioned itself as a stable option with deep roots in the community and tons of customer perks. Our team created two sets of ads that catered to the two areas affected by this buyout and encouraged people to open an account.

We served 170,000 digital ad impressions and found that 149 people clicked on the ads. As a result of the campaign, 42 people opened an account.

You can see the campaign for yourself by reviewing our Real Results case study.

Do you have any IP targeting copywriting tips?

Definitely! We recommend taking the mystery out of what it looks like to work with you by explaining in three easy steps what someone should to do act on your call to action.  

For example, let’s say you’re promoting auto loan refinancing. On a postcard – or on the website you’re directing them to – explain in three short steps what they can do to get started.

  • Step one could be: Gather your car and loan paperwork.
  • Step two could be: Compare our rates and your potential savings with our online calculator.
  • And step three could be: Fill out an online application.

Include this information on the postcard and/or the landing page linked to your IP targeting digital ads.

What about design tips?

Use of the power of emotion in your design with colors, fonts and photos.

The feeling people have when they look at your ad is so important. It reminds us of the Maya Angelou quote: “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

If the design of your ad stirs emotion within your audience, it will leave a memorable impression. We can pair accent fonts and colors with your designated brand materials to make the campaign pop. Lean on our experienced design team to create a design that resonates with your audience.

Want more?

Watch our webinar (there were some fantastic questions at the end)! Or preview our products and services online and request a custom quote. We’re here to make your life easier!




Posted by Shelby Moyer - March 12, 2024