Using Social Media as a Financial Institution

Using Social Media as a Financial Institution

Social media is a vast landscape of multiple sites and moving parts. You might think a financial institution has little use for social media, but you may find that there are many advantages to a well-managed social media account – using social media on a regular basis can have many benefits for you, your members or customers, and your community.

More Reach. Facebook, Twitter and a host of other sites allow you to connect to a wide audience. This means that you have the opportunity to reach more people than just your members or customers. Using social media on an even semi-regular basis will help get your name and brand out there and boost your digital profile – as well as provide trusted information to people who may not even be an accountholder at your financial institution.

More Communication. The reach social media can have also makes it a good outlet to share knowledge and expertise. Quick financial tips and boosting your educational seminars can go a long way in showing that you truly care about everyone’s financial health. Plus, a social media presence encourages questions and feedback, allowing you to then quickly address concerns. Simply being active and responsive will automatically help improve everyone’s experience with your financial institution.

More Connection. Sharing accountholders’ experiences, accomplishments, quotes and pictures (with permission) as well as local events and photos from your office or around town helps make people feel connected to your community. Active social media content that’s more than just your products shows that you care about the people behind the account numbers. And since people are irrational and tend to choose their brands based on emotion rather than logic, this helps build loyalty with existing accountholders and pique the interest of those shopping around for a new financial institution.

Hopping on to social media costs nothing; there are options to pay for promotions and such, but they’re not required, especially in the beginning. It’s truly a simple and organic way to connect with many people in and out of your office.

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Posted by Becca Cooper - November 04, 2020