Tips for Successful Content Marketing

Tips for Successful Content Marketing

Does your financial institution’s marketing team feel like it’s doing all it can – and still not seeing results? Perhaps you need some new tools.

In 2020, content is king – a Smart® Insights survey found 20% of marketers believed content marketing was the single activity that could make the largest commercial impact. Providing quality, informational and relevant content is what drives potential customers to choose your financial institution – to trust you with their money.

Standing out means not only educating your customers on what services they need but also making it accessible when they want it. How can your financial institution stand out in 2020 and beyond? Check out these tips from WordStream and then see how can help move your organization above and beyond the status quo.

  • Educate. Use current research from your organization and the finance industry to tell your customers what services you can offer them – and why they need them.
  • Make it personal. Hear about a current customer who had a great, unique experience with your brand? Reach out to see if they’d like to share their story! Our clients use customer reviews to drive home the quality of their products.
  • Know your audience. It’s not enough to send generic, blanket messages to a random sampling. Your customers want to know you see them as a unique individual, not just an account number. Partner with to use your customers’ demographics, interests, channels and preferred devices to make sure the content you’re sharing resonates with its recipient.
  • Better yet, personalize the whole experience. Advertisers Printing suggests using subscription data to personalize the content you’re sending your clients. Asking for just a few extra questions when a customer fills out an online survey can help you really get to know them – and make it easier to send relevant information.

It’s easy enough to share tips with you, but harder to follow through – especially when you’ve got a small or already-busy marketing team. That’s when you should turn to We can:

  • Make a clear point with infographics. These lengthy visuals convey statistics, tips and information in an appealing, easy-to-read format.
  • Simplify personalization. Just like those blanket ads no longer work, neither does a random door drop. Fortunately, our powerful Marketing Automation program makes it easy to send personalized messages on relevant content exactly when your patients need it. Our program combines websites with direct mail to really stand out in your consumers’ minds. The best part? All you have to do is set it up once and then watch the trackable leads roll in.
  • Collect your data. Another perk to using Marketing Automation: You can target your leads through surveys that explore what they’re interested in. Use those interests to create content your readers are curious about.
  • Be your personal creative team. We can design the products, manage your deadlines and create content so all you have to worry about is responding to your new leads.

Ready to get started? Check out our website to see how we can make 2020 your healthcare organization’s most successful content marketing year to date.

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Posted by - March 25, 2020