Tips for Giving Feedback to Designers and Copywriters

Communication is critical in any workflow anywhere. At, we bring marketing projects from conception to execution – with amazing results – by communicating ideas. A successful campaign begins with a back-and-forth process between us and our clients that includes brainstorming, drafting, receiving feedback, editing and finalizing. Effective communication makes the process smooth and enjoyable as you watch your ideas take shape.

Here are some tips for effectively communicating with your team:

Be Specific.
When you’re reviewing proofs from us, it’s important to be honest and specific with your feedback. Sometimes it can be challenging to figure out what exactly is not looking or sounding as you had imagined it would, but we encourage you to go with your gut reaction and work collaboratively with your team on a solution. If you’re marking your feedback directly on the proof, it’s very helpful for us if you make those edits digitally to ensure we interpret them accurately. To learn how to easily make digital comments in proofs, we invite you to read this past blog post.

As you review your proofs, consider the following:

  • Do the images fit your demographic and your brand?
  • Is your message clearly presented?
  • Do you want to draw more attention to something?

Ask Questions.
We realize that not everyone has a background in writing or design, and we try to avoid using lingo that only we know. If there’s something you don’t understand, please don’t hesitate to ask us to explain. The key is to reach out to your team and ask questions – about the images, copy, printing, schedule, anything! And if you are interested in learning about the terminology designers use amongst themselves, check out this site

Keep an Eye on the Time. provides direct access to all team members and first proofs in a matter of days, so your marketing campaign is just how you want it, on time and in budget. Speaking of time, there are situations in which we’re unable to move forward until we hear from you. While we will make every effort to offer helpful reminders and keep your project on target, we encourage you to also have an eye on the timeline if you have an exact deadline for your project’s completion. If you’re unsure of the approval date, which we establish in advance to accommodate ample time for printing and shipping or mailing, just ask. We welcome your questions and follow-up communications!

Give Examples.
Designers and copywriters are typically visual thinkers, so we really appreciate when you demonstrate your ideas with images, samples and examples. If you can show us something you like – or even something you don’t like and want to avoid – we can better visualize your expectations, which we can translate into your customized marketing piece. If you’d like, our account executives can send you samples of work we’ve done in the past related to your campaign theme, product or concept to help ignite your inspiration.

Your team is here for you. We’re creative thinkers and problem solvers who work with you to deliver compelling campaigns. We’ll showcase your unique strengths and attract your target audience with innovative strategies that work. So, let’s get started!


Posted by Megan Bauer - August 15, 2019