Targeted Marketing in the Era of COVID-19

Targeted Marketing in the Era of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting many people, financially and otherwise, but it impacts different generations differently. When it comes to targeted marketing, keep in mind that the concerns of your audience are not the same now as they were at the beginning of the year. Let’s take a look at what this means:

Gen Z

The oldest members of Gen Z are graduating college. Yep, they did it online! But that’s not as much of a stretch for them as it would have been for prior generations. Gen Z hardly remembers a world without smartphones. The challenge for this generation is that the pandemic has decreased their income and employment opportunities. Based on a Pew Research Center survey, “50 percent of the oldest Gen Zers reported they or someone in their household had lost a job or taken a pay cut as a result of COVID-19, which illustrates just how disproportionately Gen Z jobs have been hit during this pandemic” (

As a result, your marketing to Gen Z should focus on low-interest student loans, high-interest checking and savings, simple personal loans, financial education and convenient online services.


This generation graduated college during the time of the Great Recession. They tend to hold off longer than previous generations to start a family and purchase a home. Keep in mind that the pandemic has created a second major recession for them to face since entering the workforce, after they had finally recovered from their first one.

Marketing to this generation is best done by offering student loan refinancing, financial planning services and low-interest mortgages.

Gen X

Gen Xers are trying to keep up in their middle years. They’re managing debt payments, mortgages and upcoming college costs for their children – all this while there’s a pandemic and retirement is looming. To cope, they tend to carefully consider every purchase and switch to survival mode, purchasing essentials only. They’re doing more planning and research than ever before.

To show your support for Gen Xers, focus your marketing on financial planning services, debt consolidation and mortgage and car loan refinancing.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are approaching or already experiencing retirement and wondering how significantly – and for how long – this pandemic will impact their hard-earned savings. If you reach out with financial education for surviving a crisis that focuses on their stage of life, you’ll likely reach attentive ears.

Silent Generation

This generation appreciates face-to-face interaction, since the majority of their lives didn’t include online everything. This age group is also higher risk during a health crisis, which makes the desired personal interactions all the more risky and unlikely. Since electronic communications are not ideal for them, make direct mail your go-to when reaching out. Use imagery focused on family that includes multiple generations and portrays a feeling of connectedness. Be sure to use larger fonts, concise wording, a simple design and an easy-to-comprehend layout.

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Posted by Charity Wanta - October 21, 2020