Strategies for Marketing IRAs Year-Round

Strategies for Marketing IRAs Year-Round

While an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is useful to accountholders no matter the time of year, all too often it is only on people’s minds at the end of the year or near tax season. Reminding them of your IRA offerings throughout the year can help get those accounts opened and ensure your accountholders are steadily engaging with your institution and contributing to their retirement savings, a money-savvy move. Marketing IRAs year-round also provides opportunities to gain new accountholders, become their primary financial institution and cross-sell other products.

Let’s look at some strategies for marketing your IRAs in the coming year:

Target a younger audience. As people get their first job or move up to their first higher-paying position, it is a common time for them to think about contributing to an IRA. With the additional income, or realization of the need to save for retirement as they get offered (or don’t get offered) a 401(k) from their employer, they’re at an ideal life stage for you to step in as their go-to financial institution for opening an IRA. Accompany your marketing efforts with plenty of education on the benefits of an IRA to present your institution as an expert and build trust with younger accountholders.

Target an older audience for IRA rollovers. Capture rollover funds throughout the year with a regular reminder to roll over those dollars wisely and avoid unnecessary taxes. Rollovers are often a higher dollar amount than what you see from someone who’s just starting to contribute, so capturing the attention of those who need to move funds can be a big win. Emphasize the ease of rolling over to your financial institution and provide a contact name for any questions.

Be a source of knowledge. Position yourself as a resource for people who don't know how to navigate IRAs. Filling in knowledge gaps is key when marketing to prospective accountholders. Ensure that your institution is showing up when people search online for information on IRAs by setting up a strong digital marketing strategy. Of course, remember to send out any updates related to IRA regulations each year as tax season begins and educate your audience on how to navigate any changes.

Remind your accountholders to contribute throughout the year. You know the capabilities of your services, but do your accountholders? Share about the automation available at your institution and tie that convenience to an IRA. Show how you can help an accountholder reach financial success from start to finish. For example, if they set up direct deposit, they can easily have funds available quicker and from there set up automatic transfers to their IRA (and savings account!) – leading them to saving without even thinking about it.

So, here’s your reminder: Don’t limit your institution to marketing IRAs when people are reminded of them during tax season – make your financial institution stand out as the first choice for opening an IRA or contributing to one all year. is here to help! View our eye-catching designs for inspiration and contact an account manager so we can get started on your next IRA campaign!

Posted by Sarah Clark - February 21, 2024