Room to Grow – The New Office

Everyone on the west side of Madison knows the beautiful building with the life-size metal elk sculptures grazing among the birch trees and tall grass, but not everyone knows there is a new resident and owner –
Welcome to 701 Deming Way. If you give the elk a little wave, step inside the modern glass entrance and climb the stairs, you’ll find yourself at a wide, welcoming doorway and a gorgeous front desk. Across that threshold resides the brand-new, industrial-chic office we are thrilled to now call our own.
front desk
Our old office had served us well, but like a flower grown too big for its pot, it was time to go. So, we said goodbye to our old lease, and we purchased a stunning, cutting-edge 20,000 sq. ft. building, taking the entire second-floor suite as the new office.
Walking through the spacious office, illuminated by the natural light from the plentiful exterior windows, you’ll notice the sweeping, industrial 20 ft. ceiling, the modern cubicles and wall offices, and the Madison-themed and motivational artwork all over the walls. As you head further into the back, you’ll peek into the sleek, large kitchen and pass by a brand-new fitness room!
One of the best things about the building, however, is the room to grow. With just about 34 employees, the new place is spacious – but we can easily get up to 50 employees with no problem! We all love the new upgrade. It’s a place of creativity and ambition, and is a testament to the success of
If you’re ever in Madison for business or vacation, please do stop by! We’d love to personally show you the new place.
Posted by Becca Cooper - January 31, 2019