Reach Every Home, Every Time, With Every Door Direct Mail

Reach Every Home, Every Time, With Every Door Direct Mail

In the marketing world, we talk a lot about using targeted mailing lists to identify your ideal audience and reach specific individuals. But what about those times when you don’t want to narrow down your recipient list? What if you have a message you want to share with everyone? For situations like these, we encourage you to take advantage of Every Door Direct Mail® from the United States Postal Service.

The Every Door Direct Mail program allows you to hit every mailbox in a specific area at a deeply discounted postage rate. In fact, when you partner with us on Every Door Direct Mail campaigns, you’ll enjoy postage rates as low as 23¢ per piece. (Yes, that’s right – each piece costs as little as 23¢!)

See for yourself how these postage estimates* compare:

• Presorted first-class mail = 46¢ per piece
• Presorted (bulk) mail = 36¢ per piece 
• Every Door Direct Mail = 23¢ per piece

Plus, you don’t have to pay any list costs or mailing fees with Every Door Direct Mail projects. Just cover the price of the piece and postage, and that’s all it takes to spread your message to every household in the neighborhood or ZIP code you specify.

Wondering which types of messages work best for Every Door Direct Mail campaigns? We recommend using this service to:

• Introduce a new branch location 
• Invite community members to events and seminars 
• Build brand awareness 
• Promote your loans and rates 
• Advertise your deposit accounts 
• And more

So if you’re ready to reach maximum recipients at a minimal price, talk to us today about Every Door Direct Mail. Just call 800.777.1663 or email to get started. We can’t wait to help you do more – for less!

*Rates subject to change.


Posted by - August 12, 2020