Prepare NOW for Next Steps

Prepare NOW for Next Steps

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to dominate the news and impact businesses on a global scale – with many financial institutions racing to get the word out about lobby closures, drive-thru hours, precautionary measures, etc. But after you communicate to accountholders about these pressing issues, it’s important to start thinking ahead. In the weeks and months to come, your accountholders’ financial needs will likely increase as the effects of the coronavirus continue to take their toll. Be ready to show consumers that you care and are able to support them during this difficult time by offering the products and services they’ll need most.

Already, we’re helping clients strategize their post-outbreak marketing. Here’s what we’re hearing will be timely topics:

• Skip-a-pay
• Credit cards and balance transfers
• Deposit growth
• Business lines
• Home equity loans
• Refinancing campaigns
• Live letter checks (three- to four-week turnaround)

Our marketing solutions at include targeted list data and exceptional creativity to ensure your pieces stand out in the mailbox. You have a captive audience right now with a lot of people working from home. Make sure your message gets out there.

Want to talk further about an upcoming campaign? Give us a call today! Our team turns projects around quickly, and by discussing next steps now, we can have your pieces written, designed and ready to go when the time comes. We even have several already-created concepts for your review – just ask!

We are here for you – and we are happy to help.

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Posted by Mark Whalen - March 19, 2020