The Power of Human-Interest Stories in Marketing

The Power of Human-Interest Stories in Marketing

Your accountholders are the heartbeat of your financial institution – they set the pulse for public opinion. Their testimonials are poignant, drawing interest to your marketing materials and garnering creditability to your claims. When your grateful accountholders tell their stories, the audience understands how your institution works and what it stands for.

Telling the story of a grateful member or customer can be the key to strengthening your relationship with current accountholders and touching the hearts of prospects. Here’s how:

  • Build trust. Strong relationships are built on a foundation of trust; your relationship with your accountholders is no different. Sharing their stories about your services can go a long way in building your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable financial institution in the community you serve.
  • Connect. If your accountholders are willing to share their stories or thoughts, take advantage of the opportunity! Whether it’s a few sentences or the length of a newsletter article, these testimonials offer a unique way to connect with people – putting a little heart into what you do and how you connect with those you serve.
  • Educate. Reading a glowing testimonial about how your products or services benefited someone else provides education on what you offer in an attention-grabbing way.

Looking for help? Let our talented team at take it from here. We can:

  • Help you make an impact. Want to make a big impression? We’ve got you covered. Our creative team can use your testimonials in newsletters, annual reports, postcards, emails and more. The good news about your financial institution will be eye-catching and impacting.
  • Save you from stress. Stand out while staying hands off. From interviewing your grateful accountholders to writing, designing, printing and distributing your marketing materials, we can do it all for you!

Ready to start winning the hearts of current and prospective accountholders? Talk to an representative today, and let’s make the most of your stories.


Posted by - June 27, 2022