Onboarding FAQs

Onboarding FAQs

Onboarding is one of our most popular marketing programs here at And it’s no wonder why.

Consider the fact that 73 percent of cross sales occur during the first 90 days of a new accountholder relationship. In addition, an effective onboarding program can reduce attrition by 50 percent.

For financial institutions looking to build brand loyalty with new accountholders, onboarding offers an effective, streamlined way to make a connection and cross-sell your best loans offers and additional services.

With multiple touch points, custom-designed campaigns, digital and direct mail options, and a team dedicated to success, we help strengthen, enhance and expand new accountholder relationships.

Check out some common questions below, and learn more about how our onboarding programs can help your financial institution achieve its cross-sales goals.

Can I have a custom program? What if I want different accountholders to receive different information?

We love developing custom programs! Your account manager will work with you and your team to develop a customized onboarding strategy. Complimentary copywriting, design and proofreading are included as standard.

Should I include my indirect accountholders as well?

Yes, add those indirect people! (Often they don’t even know they’re new members/customers.)

We only have a handful of new accountholders per month – is onboarding still worthwhile?

Yes, we firmly believe that every accountholder is valuable. We offer a variety of options and upfront pricing to keep onboarding accessible for even the smallest organizations.

How can I track ROI? Do you do that for me?

Tracking ROI is up to you; however, we’re happy to break down costs to help you get there.

What incentives work the best?

It depends. Once we get to know you and your goals, we can make suggestions based on prior successes we’ve had in similar situations. Generally speaking though, rate reductions on loans, rate increases for certificate of deposit accounts, cash giveaways or referral incentives are the most successful. 

Do you charge upfront fees? Do you require a retaining fee?

No, you can pay in monthly installments when your program starts. There is no retaining fee.

Are there any contracts to sign? What is the minimum commitment?

We don’t require contracts, but we do ask for a 12-month onboarding commitment. After that, you can end the program or continue it for as long as you like. (We’re confident you’ll love it!)

What is the implementation time on a platform of this nature?

We offer incredibly quick turnaround times. Once we kick off a project, you’ll receive a first proof in 7-10 days. Your program can begin as soon as you give your final approval.

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Posted by - November 15, 2023