Now Highlighting… Our Article Library!

Now Highlighting… Our Article Library!

Let’s go back in time a bit and say it’s March, and you’re preparing for your financial institution's summer newsletter. So, you want a timely article related to finances and vacations, but where do you turn? The Article Library at, of course! In fact, we have a number articles perfect for summer newsletters, including "Don't Get Tripped Up by Trip Expenses" and "Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?"

We offer a collection of on-point, attention-grabbing articles for you to choose from at any time for your publication. Topics range from choosing a life insurance policy to being a savvy saver, consolidating debt, paying for college and more. We continue to add articles regularly and update those that have been around a while.

You can request a list of topics available by contacting your account representative, and our copywriters can tailor any of the articles to fit your financial institutions’s requirements.

Providing your accountholders, employees and others with educational articles is a content marketing opportunity. By distributing engaging content, you attract and retain your audience, creating positive results for your institution. Readers are grateful for your help, see you as a source of relevant information and then think of your products and services when they’re in need. With consistent, valuable content, you stay top of mind!

If you’d like more information about our Article Library, or you’d like our team to help you wow your readers with your next publication, contact an account executive today.

Posted by Charity Wanta - June 09, 2021