New COVID-19 Resources for Your Personal & Business Clients

New COVID-19 Resources for Your Personal & Business Clients

It has become abundantly clear in recent weeks that health concerns aren’t the only consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has also led to a significant downturn in the economy, and that means consumers and small business owners are now facing yet another major stressor in their personal and professional lives: financial uncertainties.

Wondering how you can help? makes it easy! With our new pandemic-related resources (consisting of a financial emergency guide for consumers and a Paycheck Protection Program FAQ sheet for businesses), you can mitigate fears during these trying times and help your accountholders feel informed and empowered.

Financial Emergency Guide for Consumers
Show accountholders you care by offering timely insights via our financial emergency guide, which we created to help lead consumers through the current crisis with their finances intact. Available in both print and digital form, the informational piece is being offered at 20% off our standard price – because we believe that making a meaningful difference is what matters most right now.

Articles within the guide cover:
• The steps to a successful budget
• How to build an emergency fund
• Tips for saving money on groceries
• What to do when bills become an impossible burden
• Ways to stay safe from scams
• Digital banking services
• Financial relief solutions

Please note that the guide can be updated with your name, logo, branding colors and specific product information. See it here now!

Paycheck Protection Program FAQ Sheet for Businesses
If your financial institution serves small businesses, there’s a good chance some (if not all) of your small business clients have questions about the new Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Fortunately, we created a one-page, easy-to-read resource sheet that you can customize with your name, logo, colors and contact information. Simply share the piece with your business clients to provide much-needed information, while simultaneously establishing yourself as the local authority on the program.

Questions answered within the piece include:
• What is the goal of the PPP?
• Do PPP funds have to be paid back?
• Is my small business eligible for PPP funds?
• How much money can my business receive?
• When should I apply for PPP funds?
• How do I apply?
• What other PPP resources are available to me?

Click here to check it out for yourself.

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Posted by Molly Kant - April 15, 2020