Missed Our Digital Marketing Webinar?

Missed Our Digital Marketing Webinar?

At, our goal is to not only create eye-catching marketing pieces, but to also provide valuable resources and guidance to help you execute creative and strategic marketing campaigns. In October, we hosted a second digital marketing webinar.’ own digital marketing professionals Lyndsey and Michelle broke down top digital strategies, explained differences between platforms and provided insights on optimizing engagement.

Here’s just a short summary of the content covered during our digital marketing webinar:

Social Media Advertising
Over 70% of Americans are on social media, so utilizing social media advertising or posting (or both!) allows you to speak to the broadest, most diverse audience possible. Each social media platform offers a unique set of pros and cons, and there are some key questions you should ask yourself when determining which platforms to use. (Psst, those key questions can be found in our webinar!). In short, social media can help you achieve a variety of goals and works with a budget of almost any size.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Also known as search engine advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising displays web graphics on screen while web users utilize popular search engines, like Google™ or Microsoft® Bing. Just as the name suggests, you only pay for your ad if someone clicks on it – giving you the power to serve thousands of impressions at no cost. PPC advertising also allows you to target browsers looking for specific services, as well as retarget consumers who have already visited your website.

IP Targeting
IP targeting matches physical addresses to IP addresses, giving you the ability to target specific households with online ads. This strategy works as a great addition to your existing or upcoming campaigns, as our experience shows the more touchpoints in a campaign, the better the results. In fact, uploading a direct mail list to our IP targeting platform has become a favorite client strategy!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Believe it or not, 75% of people will never scroll past the first page of Google results. Thankfully, focusing some marketing efforts on SEO can help you optimize your site to better appeal to search engines, in turn improving your results page ranking. SEO takes time and patience, but keeping some specific pro tips in mind can help you effectively navigate the optimization process. (You guessed it – you can find those pro tips in our webinar!)

To watch our digital marketing webinar (and explore our complete webinar collection), click here. If you’d like to discuss a strategy in depth and get your hands on our FREE digital marketing reference guide, reach out to us today!

Posted by Audrey Meis - November 17, 2021