Millennials & Direct Mail: A Perfect Match

Millennials & Direct Mail: A Perfect Match

Unless you’ve been lost at sea for the past decade, you probably won’t be shocked to hear that members of the Millennial generation love technology. In fact, many Millennials seem to be joined at the hip with their various gadgets, which include everything from laptops and e-readers to smartphones, tablets and more.

But here’s something that really might shock you: Despite Millennials’ well-known love for technology, direct mail marketing (as opposed to digital marketing) may still be the best method for capturing this audience’s attention.

Don’t believe it? Consider these statistics from the United States Postal Service’s e-book: “Still Relevant: A Look at How Millennials Respond to Direct Mail”:

• 84% of Millennials review their mail, and 64% say they prefer to search for useful information via direct mail pieces rather than emails.
• Almost half of Millennials disregard digital advertisements, but only 15% disregard direct mail.
• A whopping 90% of Millennials believe direct mail ads are “reliable.” Moreover, 57% have completed purchases due to offers they received via direct mail.

Given Millennials’ tech-savvy ways, it can be difficult to understand why they would have such a strong preference for direct mail marketing when digital ads seem to be more in their wheelhouse. So we’re sharing some important insights:

1. Direct mail has inherent value in its scarcity.
It’s a well-known fact that the rarer something is, the more precious and special it becomes – and this holds true for direct mail, too. Unlike emails (which can pop up around the clock), the once-a-day delivery of direct mail helps to elicit more interest and anticipation among consumers.

2. Direct mail items have an aura of legitimacy and importance.
These days, anyone can send out an email – but sending out a direct mail piece requires much more time, effort and money. So when a company actually bothers to put forth the resources needed for a direct mail campaign, consumers will likely regard the pieces as being more important and official than ads sent via digital channels.

3. Direct mail engages more senses.
When scrolling through inboxes, it’s easy for consumers to delete emails without even glancing at them. But direct mail must be handled by the recipient (even if it’s just to carry the piece to the trash), and this act of handling means both sight and touch are engaged. Why does this matter? Because the more senses that are activated, the more memorable a piece can become.

Of course, you shouldn’t stop digital advertising altogether. (After all, most experts recommend a multi-media approach.) But don’t fall prey to believing that a digital-only marketing method will suffice. Direct mail continues to be an important and effective marketing channel – even when targeting Millennials!

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Posted by - November 29, 2017