Message From the President – January 2021

Message From the President – January 2021

We’ve made it to 2021! Your team has been busy preparing fresh marketing opportunities for the new year, and I’m thrilled to tell you about them.

Digital Marketing: Gain attention online with digital marketing! Check out what this powerful marketing strategy can do.

  • Search Engine Advertising – Display creative, eye-catching ads on webpages and present your financial institution at the exact moment your target audience is searching online for services you offer.
  • Social Media Advertising – Build brand awareness and connect with your account holders through the platforms they scroll through regularly, like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Online Retargeting – Stay connected to your prospects and cross-sell to your current account holders online. After someone visits your site, your ads follow them as they browse other sites, keeping your services top of mind.
  • IP Targeting – Reach consumers after an event, based on their location at a given time, and direct online ads to specific households. This tool takes consumers’ physical addresses and matches them with Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. There are two types of IP targeting: GeoFencing and GeoFraming™. GeoFencing uses GPS technology to draw a virtual fence around a location; when mobile devices enter or leave that area, you can use that data for targeted advertising. GeoFraming is a more advanced version of GeoFencing and uses consumers’ historical data to collect device IDs found in a single location at a specific time. 

There’s been incredible interest from our clients already. We’re proud to offer these tools thanks to a partnership with Logical Position and El Toro, companies well-known for their industry-leading digital strategies.

Animation: Movement makes a difference! That’s why our new animations have become highly requested. Catch the attention of viewers scrolling through social media, add flair to your home page banner and provide helpful visual instructions for using your online services – there are so many ways to capitalize on this attractive option.

Other News: There’s so much happening lately! Here are some highlights.

  • Our redesigned website will wow you! We’ve been working with a website developer to modernize with animation, improve navigation, give the color scheme a makeover and add our newest offerings and latest samples. Coming soon!
  • We’ve upgraded our flipbooks for electronic newsletters, publications and annual reports. Our virtual version of your piece has pages that flip with sound effects and can include embedded videos and links.
  • We’re increasing efficiency by migrating to a Digital Asset Management system.
  • Direct mail is as strong as ever – especially with so much screen time lately, recipients are pleased to receive mail they can hold.
  • Our prescreen mailings remain popular, utilizing data from all three credit bureaus. Make your marketing dollars go further when you target a creditworthy audience that meets your specific loan criteria.
  • There’s been an increase in Marketing Automation usage. Engage, cross-sell and convert with this powerful program that tracks new and existing account holders’ visits to your website and sends automatically triggered emails tailored to their interests.
  • More webinars are in the works. Our goal is not only to provide superior marketing products, but also to deliver top-notch guidance and education. Join our Digital Marketing webinar happening later this month! Click here to register:

With over 600 financial clients, we’re still going strong! Thanks for your business and trust.

Mark Whalen

Posted by Mark Whalen - January 06, 2021