A Marketing Power Couple: IP Targeting and Direct Mail

A Marketing Power Couple: IP Targeting and Direct Mail

We could come up with a dozen analogies for using both IP targeting and direct mail as a campaign strategy. It’s a power couple, a dynamic duo, the Swiss Army knife of multi-channel marketing.

And our point would be that IP targeting and direct mail work so much better together than they do on their own.

Here are a handful of reasons why we love pairing these channels.

They Work Well for Basically Every Campaign

Loan promotions. Deposit account rates. Building brand awareness. IP targeting with direct mail works for them all! How? Because we use a targeted list that narrows your audience pool to whichever people are best suited for your campaign.

We can filter the list based on criteria like ZIP code, gender, age, household income, homeownership, education, credit score and more. With so many filter options, there’s a good chance we can match your ideal audience with the people in your community. We then use this list to deploy IP targeting ads and direct mail to each household.

They Can Be Deployed to Any Audience

While some communication systems can only be used with current accountholders or people who are trackable leads, this multi-channel strategy can go to current and potential accountholders. We can even filter current accountholders out of the targeted list, if that’s your preference, so that you aren’t wasting IP targeting impressions (and thus marketing dollars) on people who aren’t your intended audience.

Plus, this strategy leverages the generational preferences of your biggest demographics. While all generations from Baby Boomers on down are online, Boomers and Gen Xers would rather respond to a direct mail piece, while Millennials and Gen Zers would rather respond to a digital advertisement. Multi-channel marketing is an all-around win because you’re reaching each generation with the channel they feel the most comfortable with.

Multiple Impressions Are Better Than One

In marketing, there's the Rule of Seven. This long-standing theory suggests that consumers need to see an advertisement about seven times before they act on it, which is another reason our team advocates for multi-channel marketing strategies. By pairing IP targeting ads and direct mail, you’re increasing the odds that each member of your audience sees your ad several times.

We Provide ROI Data can provide return on investment (ROI) data that shows a direct correlation between who interacted with your campaign and took advantage of your promotion. To collect this data, we gather information about who clicked on the IP targeting ad or visited the trackable website URL printed on the direct mail postcard. We then compare that list with anyone who signed up for the product or service you’re promoting. You benefit from evidence that your marketing dollars were well spent. Not all marketing firms can offer this ROI analysis.

IP Targeting and Direct Mail in Action

We’ve seen a lot of success using IP targeting and direct mail for our clients’ campaigns! Just this year, we created a brand awareness campaign for Beacon Federal Credit Union using this strategy. Beacon’s goal was to increase deposits and loans by showcasing general membership benefits, like low interest rates on loans and high-yield dividends for their savings accounts. We served a little under 200,000 IP ad impressions and mailed roughly 4,000 postcards.

The campaign ran for one month, and at the end, the analysis showed that 19 people converted from the IP ads and 22 converted from the postcards – a total of 41 new accounts as a result of this one campaign. As you can see, this strategy paid off with healthy numbers from both the print and digital marketing channels.

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Posted by Shelby Moyer - October 11, 2023