Make Targeting Easier With Venue Replay

Location-based targeting has become increasingly popular with marketers in the last few years. Whether you’re finding people while they’re online or sending them information offline, services like GeoFraming™ let you completely rethink your marketing strategy. With Venue Replay, you can go a step further, finding regular visitors to locations and connecting them with your brand. Let’s dive into how this works and how it can be optimized for targeting various audiences.

Location-Basd Targeting and Venue Replay

Location-based targeting is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a way to target people based solely on where they are. There are several ways to target someone’s location, but IP targeting and GeoFraming are the current frontrunners in the digital space and the ones that line up best with Venue Replay, That’s because Venue Replay is the ability to find people who regularly visit a location and send them targeted marketing. Here’s how it works: You can find devices that visit areas of interest, match them to their home IP addresses and then connect with them through both digital and direct mail marketing. First though, you have to decide whom you want to target.

Targeting Competitors

It may seem simple, but targeting your competitors is a good place to start. Track the people who visit a direct competitor and put your name in front of them. You know they’re at least involved in your market; the only problem is not knowing exactly what they’re looking for. If you’re marketing a specific product or service, targeting a competitor might not be as effective. Your competitors’ visitors are the people to whom you send general awareness information; you want to get them interested in your brand.

Targeting Similar Markets

If there are other institutions within your market that aren’t necessarily competitors, they might be good locations to consider. Think of places similar to yours. Car dealerships are a great place to look when promoting auto loans; that’s where to find prospects. Think about where people who are considering a home loan, IRA or other accounts might spend their time. Those are the places you should consider targeting with Venue Replay.

Targeting Employees

Select employer groups, or SEGs, are great targets for Venue Replay. If you’ve partnered with a business and want to encourage the employees to open accounts, target that business!

Venue Replay is a highly efficient way to find people who are already interested in what you have to offer. All you have to do is know where to look – or ask us! Reach out to our amazing sales team, and we will help you get started on highly efficient location targeting. Plus, take advantage of a number of other digital services that we’re proud to offer. We’ll help you locate your audience easily and capture their attention with eye-catching, creative marketing copy and design.

Posted by Austin Spaulding - March 22, 2023