Make a Connection

The world is more connected than ever, yet more people report feeling disconnected and lonely. We may have thousands of friends on social media and can send and receive messages instantly to anyone and everyone – but somewhere we are losing the sense of true connectedness.

Why should this matter to you? The cultural milieu impacts how people receive and respond to your bank and credit union marketing messages. And when people are feeling disconnected and impersonalized, you have a prime opportunity to connect. That’s where direct mail marketing comes in.

Direct Mail Is Not Dead

Contrary to popular belief, direct mail has not died in this world of digital marketing. In fact, data shows that response rates to direct mail are up to 30 times higher than digital. A big reason for the success of direct mail is because it is more personal than email and makes people feel more valued – creating that connection so many of us are missing.

The Key to Connection

The key to forming this connection is in your direct mail piece. Everything – from the copy and design to the mailing list and paper stock – should work together to create a piece that speaks to each recipient. This is true whether you are promoting loan rates, introducing new convenience services, inviting neighbors to a special event or for whatever message you want to get out to your community.

Make It Count knows how to make direct mail pieces that will connect and produce responses. With tools like marketing automation, SmartTrack for loan generation, targeted mailing lists, cross-media marketing, strategic design and impactful copy, your direct mail piece from will make those connections with your audience.

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Posted by - July 03, 2019