Introducing Our New Tagline & Mission Statement

Introducing Our New Tagline & Mission Statement

Riddle me this: What’s small on price, big on speed and all about creativity? Answer:! In fact, you just read our newly-minted tagline, which we recently revamped to better highlight the benefits we offer.

“It sums up our company perfectly,” says president Mark Whalen about the new tagline. And he couldn’t be more right. Because at, we really do offer low prices with perks like free copywriting and proofreading. We really are speedsters who consistently produce first proofs in just seven to 10 business days. And our team really is all about creativity – just one look at our online design center and portfolio is proof of that.

But all this begs the question: Just how do we accomplish such rock-bottom prices, lightning-fast speeds and stunning creativity? According to Whalen, it all comes down to our focus on two specific industries: healthcare and financial services.

“Financial and healthcare marketing is all we do,” he explains. “We’re experts in these fields, and our expertise enables us to produce high-quality marketing materials better, faster and cheaper than the competition.”

Of course, equally important as our prices, speed and creativity is our dedication to superior service, which is emphasized in our brand new mission statement: strives to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. By working as a team, we are redefining what it means to provide exceptional marketing services.

We believe so strongly in this mission statement that we even printed it on one of the office walls, where it serves as a daily reminder to all employees of the promise we make to our clients and the ongoing importance of teamwork.

“Teamwork is everything at,” says Whalen. “The camaraderie, shared sense of purpose and collective knowledge among our copywriters, designers and project coordinators play a vital role in our success.”

So when you’re looking for a marketing partner that’s small on price, big on speed and all about creativity (supported by an underlying commitment to top-notch customer service), call on the team. Our tagline and mission statement aren’t just words to live by – they’re words to work by. And we continue to do so every day.

Interested in learning more about the benefits we offer? Just call 800.777.1663 or email and we’ll be happy to share all there is to love about!

Posted by Molly Kant - August 09, 2017