How to Make Your Brand Stand Out During Financial Capability Month

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out During Financial Capability Month

With April right around the corner, National Financial Capability Month (previously Financial Literacy Month) is quickly approaching. Not only is Financial Capability Month important for raising awareness about the value of financial education, but it’s also a great marketing opportunity for your brand. Due to the national nature of the holiday, banks and credit unions across the country will be vying for the attention of both current and potential accountholders and, as a result, saturating the financial marketing landscape with an abundance of financial literacy content. So, how can you stand out?

At, we recommend using digital marketing services, such as social media posting, as part of a multi-channel strategy that makes your financial institution stand out from the crowd. The short and eye-catching nature of social media posting with animations, for example, helps to effectively grab a viewer’s attention, increasing the likelihood of engagement. If the thought of digital marketing sounds intimidating, it doesn’t have to be! has a full-service team of experts that can assist with everything from generating ideas to IP targeting and scheduling social media posts.

Here are just a few ideas to get your juices flowing:

Promote your financial institution’s educational resources. National Financial Capability Month is the perfect opportunity to highlight your institution’s resources, such as your blog, financial counseling, youth programs, guides for topics such as home buying and so much more! This step positions you as not only a financial resource to your accountholders, but an educational one as well!

Share some fun financial facts or tidbits. Social media is the perfect place to highlight fun tidbits of information, whether in a static web graphic or an animation. Consider highlighting useful or surprising facts about finances that many individuals may not know. Not only will these social posts show that you know your stuff, but striking or noteworthy facts often prompt viewers to comment on or share the post.

Highlight personal testimonials. Share testimonials of how your institution’s knowledge and resources helped an individual find financial freedom. Seeing firsthand how you’ve helped other individuals inspires others and leaves a lasting impact in the viewer’s mind.

With a topic like financial literacy that can be daunting for many, placing this information in a quick, bite-sized format like social media allows the material to feel approachable and accessible to even the most novice financial learner. Curious to learn more yourself? Check out our webpages on social media and animations. Or, if you’d like to learn more about digital marketing and how it can benefit your brand, request a FREE Digital Marketing Assessment today! The assessment will go over valuable insights on your website health, your competitors’ social media efforts and more.

Posted by Allie Habeck - February 22, 2023