How to Have an Amazing E-Newsletter

How to Have an Amazing E-Newsletter

If you’ve been working in the financial marketing field for long, you probably already know some of the tips and tricks for creating an amazing newsletter. But what about the newsletter’s younger, flashier cousin – the e-newsletter? E-newsletters exist in a completely different space from traditional, printed newsletters, and that means you need to play by a whole new set of rules.

Here are some suggestions to get you started down the path to e-newsletter success:

Prioritize your subject line.
It’s not uncommon for marketers to treat their subject lines as an afterthought – hurriedly tacking on a bland, boring phrase that they subsequently reuse for each and every issue. However, a fresh, compelling subject line is vital in getting readers to click on your e-newsletter, so it’s worth your time to do it right. Instead of going for something like “Fall 2019 E-Newsletter,” consider a more interesting option. Based on the content, you might try “5 Need-to-Know Ways to Boost Your Bottom Line” or “The Secret to Saving This Season.” Make it short – but make it captivating, too.

Practice digital-friendly brand consistency.
One glance at your e-newsletter should immediately bring your financial institution to the top of readers’ minds. This is achieved by using the same fonts, design elements, color palette and style that you use in your other marketing pieces. Remember, though, that translating graphic design elements from print to a digital format may require the expertise of a professional – one who can marry your existing brand standards with the clean, uncluttered look generally recommended for digital pieces. And don’t forget that brand consistency goes beyond just visual cues. The tone of your content should also align with your brand, but be sure to keep the content short and snappy to adhere to digital best practices.

Include links and calls to action.
One of the primary differences between newsletters and e-newsletters is that newsletters serve as a single, complete entity – whereas e-newsletters have the benefit of being able to link to additional content found online. Use this fact to your advantage, and instead of cluttering your e-newsletter with lengthy articles, include a handful of brief article snippets that link to full articles found elsewhere. (It would be wise to focus especially on driving traffic to your own financial institution’s website.) Also, take advantage of forwarding capabilities. Include a note in your e-newsletter that encourages readers to forward the e-newsletter to friends and family members who may find it beneficial. This will spread the word about your financial institution and help you connect with a greater number of potential accountholders.

One last piece of advice when it comes to e-newsletters? Partner with! Our team of graphic designers, copywriters and account executives will work with you to create an e-newsletter you’ll be proud to call your own. Dial 800.777.1663 to learn more about our e-newsletter capabilities today.


Posted by Molly Kant - September 11, 2019