How to Effectively Communicate During COVID-19

How to Effectively Communicate During COVID-19

Industries are scrambling to communicate to customers about how they are responding to the COVID-19 crisis. Financial institutions play an especially important role in calming concerns about personal finances.  

To really make a difference to your customers during this crucial time, Marquette Bank’s vice president of marketing, Jeff MacDonald, says your communication needs to be empathetic and honest.

“We should ensure that our communications are focused on the consumer, are relevant and add value by being helpful to the situation,” he says.

As many people worry how the pandemic will affect their finances, financial institutions play a vital role. At, we’ve created materials for our clients about emergency relief options, such as Skip-A-Pay and emergency loans and lines of credit.Samples of COVID-19 materials has created

MacDonald suggests these tips for financial communications during this crisis:

  • Keep digital banking options top of mind – promote online and mobile banking, mobile deposits and person-to-person transfer apps like Zelle®.
  • Warn and educate consumers on financial scams related to COVID-19.
  • Share what you’re doing to help stop the spread of the virus (closing lobbies, extending hours, extra cleaning, cancelling events, etc.).

The Financial Brand warns about the dangers of sounding just like every other business. Consumers turn to financial institutions because they trust them. Make your communications personal and provide answers, not more questions.

If you’re promoting online and mobile banking, also provide resources for how they can use these services or a phone number they can call to receive help.

John Hargrave, CEO of the communications firm Media Shower, says it may be the virus that invoked fear, but insufficient communication is what leads to panic and anxiety. Effective, frequent communication – to your consumers and employers – is key to keeping a community calm and focused on a solution during a time of crisis.

If you’re worried about creating, organizing and showcasing all that information, let shoulder some of the burden. Your projects come with an entire team devoted to your financial institution.

Worried about simplifying a complicated message into terms the general public will understand? Your copywriter can handle that.

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Posted by - April 08, 2020