How a “Simple” Campaign Becomes a Reality: Print Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Do you know how many hands your “simple” monthly campaign touches before it becomes a marketing masterpiece? Ever wonder about the details behind your quarterly newsletter or monthly bank statements?

Before I entered the “real” marketing world, I had no idea what it took to make a simple postcard or bank statement land into my mailbox. It seems simple. You receive a monthly account statement from your bank that tells you all about your account information and savings you have accrued thus far and that’s that. It just happens, right? Wrong!

You see, here at it all starts with a relationship between a client and our amazing sales team. They hash out a strategy for each campaign and birth the vision to the overall goal for each client. The project gets passed onto the marketing project coordinator who creates a timeline for the copywriter and designer to go by in order to make the idea into a reality within the timeframe of each client’s needs. Then, the creative process begins! Gears start to grind, words become a message and visuals capture the eye. A client approves the design and woolahhh, a newsletter is in your mailbox!

Well, not exactly. What about the printing? Cutting? Folding? Binding? Packaging? Mailing or shipping of each piece?

Today, I’m going to let you in on a little secret word that makes the mailing world go round – production.

If it weren’t for the production of each piece, there would be nothing for the mail carriers to deliver at homes. We are all caught up in the digital era that we don’t realize what it takes to create a physical printed campaign anymore. We are used to having everything yesterday that we don’t appreciate the hard work and long hours that is put into “simple” printed campaigns.

This is where we give a huge thank you to our sales reps, marketing project coordinators, copywriters, designers, printers, binders, packagers, mail list specialists, shippers, post offices and everyone else in between who help make our client’s monthly marketing campaigns land in the hands of members and prospects on time!

It’s their hard work and delicate hands that make a “simple” newsletter a reality month after month! It’s the many hands that a project touches here at that makes the difference between print marketing and digital marketing. It’s the at that help us love our jobs!

Posted by - August 14, 2014