Hello, Lending Season and Creditworthy Prospects - Goodbye, Credit Bureau Headaches

After polar vortexes, icy commutes to work, and recent swings from 70-degree days back to an April snowstorm, we are more than ready to put another Wisconsin winter behind us. On to another season – not just summer, but lending season! All of the people out shopping for a new home or car or planning summer vacations and new patios makes this an exciting time for financial marketers.

It has me thinking back to the lending conference I attended last fall in Anaheim, CA, at the gorgeous Disneyland Resort Hotel. I had the pleasure of talking one-on-one with a lot of credit union marketers, and there was definitely a common conversation thread: their desire to increase loan deposits and target creditworthy prospects, and their struggles in dealing with the credit bureaus.

What struggles?

Many of those I spoke with were working with just one bureau, spending a lot on a prescreen mailing list but not getting the best data because it was limited to one bureau – and therefore also not getting the best results. Some had started their own prescreen mailing and stopped midway through because they were overwhelmed by bureau approval requirements, and they didn’t have the time or a dedicated rep to help them through it. Others had never tried a prescreen mailing at all.

The great thing about conferences is the opportunity to talk through solutions to challenges on the spot. The people I spoke with left the lending conference knowing there was a far easier, more effective and affordable way to pinpoint qualifying prospects and generate loan income:

Let take care of it all – from bureau vetting to the mail list to the creation and distribution of the targeted piece.

I’ll quickly fill you in on the insights that I shared with conference attendees:

  • We work with all three credit bureaus to offer you the most reliable and effective set of data.
  • We have the knowledge and experience to facilitate the entire process – with a dedicated data department to get you vetted with the bureaus, answer questions and eliminate hassle.
  • We take care of the writing, artwork and mailing – alleviating your manpower burden as well as ensuring all necessary prescreen requirements are addressed.
  • We can deliver better results at an extremely competitive price – much more cost-effectively than if you managed the process on your own.
  • We offer you results that are truly trackable for a measurable return on investment.

Our team has come to the aid of seasoned prescreen customers as well as those who have never done a prescreen. We’ve even helped our customers identify members and prospects who are shopping for loans in real time – catching them in that make-or-break moment with a loan offer before they go elsewhere. Across all situations, our clients been very happy with our process and the results – just ask to see our case studies with ROIs! Now it’s your turn to try us out this lending season.

Hope to see you at another conference soon!

Posted by - May 08, 2019