Financial Calculators ADD VALUE to Your Website and Campaigns

Financial calculators ADD VALUE to your website and campaigns

As their trusted financial partner, consumers count on you to educate them on making good financial decisions. What loan is most affordable for their budget? What approach would save them the most money? Should they rent or buy? Should they refinance? How do they meet a debt payoff goal?

A perfect initial resource for questions like these (and much more) is an online financial calculator that is easily accessible to those you serve. Most financial institutions would agree that giving consumers a visual and interactive way to compare loan amounts, terms and other financial factors would be a valuable addition to their website and promotional campaigns.

The question is, how does your financial institution develop, customize, place and promote these calculators while subtracting all the time and effort it would take you?

Online Financial Calculators, Powered by Fintactix, Available Through

Everything’s already taken care of! has partnered with Fintactix to make ready-to-go online financial calculator packages easily available to you and your customers or members. The next time you turn to us for a loan campaign, incorporate financial calculators to offer value-added insights that will enhance your overall relationships plus boost audience engagement and action.

Picture telling prospects to visit your landing page to see exactly how much they could save on their loan! That’s the kind of extra nudge that can get you more results.

Customizable, Eye-Catching and User-Friendly

  • Choose from auto, mortgage, home equity, savings, debt and budget calculator packages (or a combination of any of these themes!) to fit your campaign. Check out the many options in each package.
  • Tell us your brand colors and fonts, and we’ll customize the calculators to your image and style preferences.
  • Let create custom loan campaigns directing consumers to the calculators on coordinating landing pages to boost contact form completion and submittal.
  • Upon your campaign approval, receive the matching calculator(s) for your website – simply drop in the line of code we provide. It’s really as easy as it sounds!
  • Use your calculator package for any of your promotions throughout your chosen licensing term.

Pricing is budget-friendly and varies with the licensing term and number of calculator packages you choose, as well as your asset size. Reach out to your national account manager to find out more. And don’t miss this sample landing page to see and try out an online auto loan calculator in action!

Posted by Kim Ziehr - November 20, 2019