Direct Mail Is as Relevant as Ever Post-Pandemic

Direct Mail Is as Relevant as Ever Post-Pandemic

A lot changed during the pandemic, but one thing that didn’t was the importance of direct mail—if anything, direct mail is more important than ever! With the world becoming increasingly reliant on technology, consumers crave a more personal approach to life—and marketing.

AdWeek reports a change in consumer behavior since the onset of the pandemic, creating a shift toward connection in the desires of individuals. Humans are designed for physical connection, and digital marketing comes up short where connection is involved. As many of us learned during the pandemic, relationships matter—so use direct mail to build relationships with your consumers!

Benefits of Direct Mail:

  • Physicality and Tactility. These qualities distinctly set direct mail apart from digital, and more specifically email. Think about it, when you receive marketing materials via email, you have a decision to make. Do you open the email or not? Or does it go straight to the trash bin without your even laying eyes on the content? In contrast, direct mail doesn’t give consumers this choice—to open or not to open—because the content is already in view. With no envelope or trash can button in sight, the consumer has no choice but to view the materials. In a world that’s been absent of physical connection for over a year, physicality and tactility are in as high demand as ever and are a great way to build relationships with your target audience.
  • Higher Likelihood of Visibility. The downside of digital is the old saying: “Out of sight, out of mind.” Once the email browser is closed or the email deleted, the chance of the consumer seeing it again decreases significantly. However, due to the physicality of direct mail, it’s harder for consumers to forget because it’s on their kitchen counter or in their recycling bin—even when it’s discarded, it can still be in sight. Furthermore, with print, this visibility can extend beyond the target audience to others in the household or place of business. Print mail remains in a household for an average of 17 days, according to the U.S. Small Business Association. That timeline allows for many viewing opportunities! Additionally, many individuals are looking for ways to digitally disconnect by logging off and logging out to create a distinction between work and home. Print is a great way to increase visibility to consumers who make an effort to take time away from their screens.
  • Eye-Catching Appearance. Print materials have more ways to stand out, whether it be through texture, shape, style, paper quality or pop-ups. The opportunities to set yourself apart from the competition in a way that can also help convey your brand is a benefit of direct mail. With different ways to personalize your message and brand through an eye-catching appearance, you can create the kind of personable connection consumers are craving. In 2021, Forbes estimates that the average person is subjected to 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements a day. With many of those advertisements being digital, direct mail is a great way to stand out!

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Posted by Allie Habeck - July 08, 2021