Digital Marketing: Results-Driven, Targeted Advertising Made Easy

Digital Marketing: Results-Driven, Targeted Advertising Made Easy

Your accountholders are constantly online and scrolling through their social media. How can you be sure you’re getting the social engagement and the web traffic leads and conversions you could be getting?

A good starting point is taking a close look at your website health, your competitors’ current digital efforts (ads/keywords/social media), areas of opportunity and more – all of which we can tell you at no cost or obligation:

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This free assessment offers valuable insights whether you’ve done a lot of digital, none at all or something in between. What comes next looks a little different for every client, depending on goals, budget and other factors. But there’s a common denominator – our ability at to make digital marketing both easy and effective.

How to build your brand in the digital world offers strategic digital marketing services to help you ace your digital space, based on your specific goals:

  • Search Engine Advertising (Pay-Per-Click Ad Management)
    Put your ads in front of people actively searching for your services on Google, Yahoo®, Bing® and MSN®. We help you target the right search keywords, create ads that get clicks or calls, and track your ROI.
  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook® and Instagram® Ad Management)
    Raise awareness through paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram. We create branded ads that are then targeted and optimized to attract prospects and further engage those already familiar with you.
  • Retargeting
    Get website visitors to come back. We’ll follow site visitors around online – displaying your ads while they’re on other sites or their own social media – to encourage clicks to your targeted webpages.

Your powerful digital team has joined forces with Logical Position – a leading digital marketing services provider recognized as a Google™ Premier Partner and Microsoft Advertising® Elite Channel Partner – to give you an edge in your digital marketing. Advantages of teaming with us include:

  • NO ad pricing mark-up
  • 100% ownership of your ad accounts
  • Free retargeting ads to cross-sell your audience on other websites/social media
  • Free copywriting and UNLIMITED design proofs
  • Easy access to data and reports
  • An expert team to walk you through every step – we make it easy!

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Posted by Kim Ziehr - March 23, 2021