Daily Loan Trigger Leads Give You First Dibs

Daily Loan Trigger Leads Give You First Dibs
Suppose you’re in the market for a loan of some sort. For example, maybe you go test drive the latest SUV models and talk financing options with the dealer. You head home filled with excitement over the possibilities! And while you’re thinking it over, you get an eye-catching postcard in the mail a day later – which, ironically, is offering you an incredible auto loan interest rate at a local financial institution.
How did they know you could really use a great auto loan right now? Was it just coincidence?
Actually, no  it was SmartTrack from
SmartTrack is a daily loan trigger platform that lets your financial institution target people who are actively shopping elsewhere for loans, based on daily triggers from credit bureau data. Talk about putting the right information and offer in the right place, at the right moment!
Here’s how SmartTrack works to generate daily trigger leads and maximum loan income:
  • First, send us your credit requirements and accountholder file, which we will upload to our secure platform.
  • Next, we track inquiries from all three credit bureaus and deliver lists of your active, creditworthy shoppers for auto loans, mortgages/home equity loans and personal loans/credit cards -- in near real time.
  • Within 24 hours, we target your creditworthy shoppers with an 11” x 6” jumbo postcard and email blast.
Now is especially loan-friendly.
‘Tis the season for holiday shopping and travel, deals on year-end vehicle models and thoughts of debt consolidation for the New Year. Get first dibs on those active and prospective loan shoppers out there and bring them to your financial institution with SmartTrack!
Want a test drive of SmartTrack first?
Ask us for your free 30-day look-back and find out just how many accountholders shopped for loans in the last 30 days.
Posted by - November 07, 2018