Current Customers Were a Hot Topic at October’s ABA Marketing Conference

One of my favorite parts about going to conferences is getting the chance to see new and familiar faces and to talk in person about how we can help with their marketing goals. Those particular goals obviously vary with each client, but typically there’s a hot topic on all of their minds.

At many conferences, that hot topic has often related to generating loans and gaining new business. And while that certainly remains a big focus, our booth visitors at October’s American Bankers Association Marketing Conference in Denver seemed very interested this year in talking about their current customers.

"How can you help me obtain more of our existing customers’ business? How do we reawaken dead accounts so they don’t go elsewhere? How can we strengthen our customer loyalty? Can you tell me more about onboarding and reboarding?"

These were the questions that came up time and again at ABA. There’s a growing awareness of how critical a new customer’s “honeymoon period” is to cross-selling opportunities and to the overall relationship. Yet, there’s also some hesitation – the clients I talk with are busy with countless other demands, and onboarding and reboarding are time-consuming, ongoing processes that include staggered mailings, emails and follow-through for results.

I always find it so rewarding to be able to take the stress off their plates by telling them we take care of all that behind-the-scenes work for them. All they have to do is send over their customer list each month, and we do the rest – design, print and mail their pieces, design and blast the emails, and set up the landing pages and forms online. The only thing left for them is to run with the leads that come in!

Of course, they’re even happier when they hear we don’t do contracts and our pricing is low and totally transparent– regardless of design customization and number of proofs. Budgets will always be a hot topic, after all!

Thanks, ABA, for yet another great conference. We’ll see you next year!

Posted by - November 04, 2015