Credit Bureau Onboarding: Understanding the Prescreen Vetting Process

Looking to target a creditworthy audience that meets your specific loan criteria? Maybe you have certain rates you want to promote to different tiers of pre-approved recipients, or perhaps you like the thought of reaching active loan seekers at the exact time they’re shopping.

When it comes to addressing these and other goals, we offer you a unique advantage at Not only do we have the prescreen marketing solutions you need for great results, but we also offer prescreened lists starting at just $995 – and they feature data from all three credit bureaus!

Our established partnership with Datamyx, combined with our knowledge and experience in prescreened mailings, makes your job much easier – including the vetting process.

Prescreen Vetting without the Sweating

Whether you work with us on a one-time prescreened list or SmartTrack, which uses daily loan triggers to target active loan seekers on a recurring basis, you will first need to complete the credit bureau onboarding -- or vetting -- process with us. This is the case even if your financial institution has worked with Equifax, TransUnion or Experian prior to doing a project with But don’t let this intimidate you! Our dedicated data department will be your liaison every step of the way.

Step 1: “Check With Me” Form and Agreement

We kick off the process by sending you a “Check With Me” form, which asks for your basic contact information and campaign component(s), as well which bureaus you want to work with for your lists. We also send you an agreement, which governs use of confidential information, for your signature. 

Once you return these forms to us, we will submit the information to Datamyx on your behalf. Datamyx then passes it along to whichever bureau(s) you want to work with and lets us know what they need to move things forward. This may range from a full application to no paperwork at all, depending on the bureau, your previous relationship with that bureau and the type of campaign you’re planning.*

Step 2: Paperwork and Applications

When we hear back from Datamyx, we will send any necessary paperwork to you via DocuSign. Forms for all three bureaus and Datamyx are combined in one package.

Once the DocuSign document has been submitted, you may need to fill out an online application through either Equifax or TransUnion. Equifax will reach out directly to you with a link to their online application, while TransUnion has a link to their application in the DocuSign document.

Note that if you’re working with Equifax, they will bill you directly for $250 to onboard with them. This is the only situation in which you receive direct billing from the bureau when you work with us on a prescreened mailing. In all other instances, you will be billed through us.

Step 3: Onsite Visit by the Bureau(s)

This step is possible, but not likely, for most financial institutions. An onsite visit is not required for the majority of banks and credit unions, though it could be for mortgage companies and trust companies, for example. Ultimately, this visit is at the discretion of the bureaus. If they do visit, they will check basic things – such as making sure you’re an established business, you have locks on your doors and you have a business sign.

Step 4: Datamyx and Bureau Approval of the Campaign

Whether you’re doing a prescreened postcard, direct mail letter, email or call script with us, each campaign component must be reviewed and approved first by Datamyx, and then by the bureaus. Our copywriting and design teams are well versed in prescreen requirements and will offer their expertise and guidance throughout the artwork creation process. It’s important to note, however, that your financial institution is ultimately responsible for your compliance.

Step 5: Subcode Release and List Purchase is not able to buy your prescreened mailing list until the above steps are complete and approved and the subcodes have been released to us. Once we have purchased the list, you’re required to mail a firm offer of credit to every person on it – and it must be done within 90 days of buying the list. You may mail multiple drops within the 90 days.

You have up to an additional 90 days after the last offer is made to retain your list for tracking purposes. We are also able to send you the list if you’re using it for telemarketing purposes, as long as the call script has been approved. The bureaus restrict use of the list for any other reason, or beyond the 90-day limit.

What’s the Timeline of the Vetting Process?

From the time you fill out the “Check With Me” form to the list purchase, the overall process could take anywhere from six to 10 weeks. That said, this timeframe can be much faster, depending on how quickly you turn around the paperwork.

What If the Prescreened Project with Is a Reorder?

After your first prescreened project with us, the next go-round is much easier and faster! The only step is to get your new campaign’s artwork approved, but even this goes faster because only Dataymx needs to do the review this time – not the bureaus, whose review would add an extra week to the timeline.

We’re here to make your prescreened mailing a success. This means helping you get a strong ROI, of course, but also taking stress off your already full plate. Come talk to us for more information.

*In the rare case that your financial institution is denied, perhaps due to your ongoing relationship with a particular bureau, you may be able to appeal the denial by talking with your bureau representative.

Posted by - February 11, 2019