Create a Strong Foundation with Loan Generation

Create a Strong Foundation with Loan Generation

At the Financial Brand Forum this month, marketers discovered the biggest ideas, trends and outlooks for the industry. Popular topics included data-driven personalization, omni-channel integration and Generation Z attraction. At, a consultative approach envelops these subjects into one service: loan generation.

Simply put, loan generation involves getting “the right message to the right people at the right time,” says Billy Van Wie, vice president at The right message is crafted around the campaign type: auto loans, home equity loans, mortgages, credit cards, personal loans and more. Once goals are established, a proper strategy is put into place to identify the right people – promising loan prospects – in prescreen, geographical, invitation-to-apply, new mover, or daily loan shopper lists. The final step involves reaching those individuals in the proper manner and timeframe.

Loan generation capabilities offer multiple avenues for reaching a target audience, and they do so in a way that is relevant to each recipient. Personalization is on the rise throughout the financial industry and is needed to stay ahead of the curve. With the focus of this program on increasing the number of loans among accountholders and prospects, it’s crucial they feel exclusively marketed towards.

The likelihood of acquisitions and conversions increases when deliverables create a connection between an organization and its target audience. For any loan generation campaign, unique criteria are used to determine those who qualify for the promotion. Options for targeted mailing lists include FICO, income, demographic information and more. The offer is then extended to individuals who meet those requirements. For prescreen and loan shopping lists specifically, can collect data from all three credit bureaus, generating the largest pool of potential applicants. The best part? These lists start at the low price of $995.

Highly targetable individuals in the loan generation market involve the oldest members of Generation Z. With the oldest members of this group being age 22, many are on track to graduate college and enter the professional workforce. With new jobs come new sources of income, and this income creates buying power. In particular, credit cards and auto loans are high-interest areas for this demographic; however, knowing whom and what to target are just as important as how. Though digital marketing is successful in capturing this population, studies show that financial services experience benefits from print materials as well (Pageflex, 2017). Among all loan generation campaigns, deliverables are aligned across each media to create a seamless marketing experience.

You may have heard that those in the financial industry are living in an “algorithm economy,” and worth is determined by two criteria: the data sets you work with and what you do with them (Pilcher, 2018). By taking advantage of loan generation strategies, combines both the analytic and artistic to catalyze successful results for your financial institution.


Posted by - May 09, 2018