Core Conversions Don’t Have to Be Chaos

Core Conversions Don’t Have to Be Chaos

Many core conversions were put on hold during the pandemic, but those seem to be moving full speed ahead now. If your financial institution is facing a conversion, you may feel overwhelmed. After all, a lot goes into a successful core conversion, and along the way, there can be many challenges and obstacles. At times, you might even want to pull your hair out – but core conversions don’t have to be chaos!

With proper communication to your accountholders, core conversions can be a positive experience with long-term gains, not insane. A significant change in technology can transform a financial institution’s environment and culture – potentially even increasing your accountholder retention rate.

Here’s How Can Help:

  1. Hit early and often. Change can be hard. Your accountholders need time to acclimate and prepare for the changes ahead, which is why’ core conversion timeline starts weeks – even months – before the conversion, so accountholders feel supported and informed early. Then, as the conversion date grows closer, they are reminded more often for the convenience of everyone involved.
  2. Consistency is key. It’s important to keep branding consistent for clarity and communication purposes. Not only does this reduce confusion, but it allows for a faster and more efficient conversion process. And with our help, you can maintain this consistency with ease.
  3. Have a variety of outreach methods. By providing your accountholders with a variety of in-branch, email and direct mail pieces, we help ensure that your message reaches your consumers wherever they are because the more people that are informed, the less confusion there is when the conversion occurs.
  4. Appeal to your audience. Don’t make the process more difficult than it needs to be! No one wants to read text-heavy information. We make the materials as clear, concise and eye-catching as possible to increase the impact of your outreach materials.

You’re free to focus on the actual conversion when you let us take care of creating and delivering your strategic, integrated core conversion campaign. To learn more about our services, click here or contact an account representative.

Posted by Allie Habeck - August 11, 2021