Client Spotlight – Victoria Hanson of SMW Financial Credit Union

Client Spotlight - Victoria Hanson at SMW Financial Credit Union

While working as an art consultant for a major metro gallery, Victoria Hanson could never have predicted she would one day end up in the financial services industry. “It was an accident,” she says about her career switch, which occurred when her husband accepted a position in a smaller metro area – causing Victoria to have to find new employment.

But perhaps the career switch wasn’t really an accident at all and more a twist of fate – because Victoria soon learned to love working in the financial services industry. “I felt in touch with the political scene and learned about banking legislation and how it affected us in our daily lives. Plus – my role was still a creative one in the marketing department as Corporate Marketing Manager,” Victoria recalls about her first career in financial services.

Eventually, Victoria accepted a position at the credit union where she still works today – SMW Financial Credit Union. As Vice President of Marketing, Victoria is responsible for communicating to current and prospective accountholders about products, services and more. And for the past six years, we at have been assisting Victoria in her efforts to get the word out about her credit union.

How did our marketing partnership begin? As Victoria recalls, she was first introduced to via an advertising piece she received in the mail. “The images looked compelling, so I checked out the website and was impressed with all the great creative on the site,” she says. “While working with other vendor partners in the past, it was always the creative image that took the most time to get right. With, I LOVE being able to select from their huge library of images to get the project started.”

And we certainly love being able to collaborate with Victoria on her wide range of assignments, which have run the gamut from promotional postcards, newspaper ads and statement inserts to event invitations, Marketing Automation and more. We recognize it as an immense honor to be entrusted with a client’s marketing materials, and we’re proud that our efforts are paying off for SMW FCU. Victoria reports that their direct mail campaigns typically receive “great ROIs,” and she deeply appreciates the creativity and responsiveness that her team brings to the table.

“I have been in marketing for over 30 years,” she says. “I have worked with nationally acclaimed creative agencies at large financial institutions and many, many creative vendor partners. The team is the BEST I have ever worked with! They are quick to respond, enthusiastic, offer new ideas, offer new compelling products, excellent communication and the best writing and creative I have had the pleasure to partner with!”

From all of us at, we thank you, Victoria, for sharing your experiences and for giving us the opportunity to work with you so many years ago. Just as you are making a positive difference in the lives of your credit union members, it is our sincere hope that we are making a positive difference in your life, too. Here’s to many more years of continued collaboration and marketing success!


Posted by Molly Kant - July 18, 2018