Client Spotlight – Susan Mandarino of Mutual Credit Union

Client Spotlight – Susan Mandarino of Mutual Credit Union

Susan Mandarino, VP of Marketing at Mutual Credit Union, came to the credit union world from a multistate national media conglomerate that implemented the first digital media marketing platforms for major advertisers like Macy’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Victoria’s Secret. Given this strong digital background, she was hesitant to use direct mail to market Mutual CU – until she teamed up with

“Direct mail has proven to be extremely successful with our membership, in conjunction with actionable follow-ups,” Susan said. “We get them the info up front with the direct mails so that when we send a follow-up email, there’s less barrier, and we get significantly better results on the email. We’ve actually gotten great results on everything we’ve done with”

Mutual CU’s recent promo with us – a credit card campaign with separate direct mailers targeted to a preapproved group and to current cardholders – got so many clicks to the application in the follow-up email that her internal team couldn’t keep up and had to get extra help. But that’s a good “problem” to have.

“I’ve found that even the younger generations are reading direct mail. It intrigues them to get mail addressed to them personally, plus ‘retro’ is cool to them,” Susan said. “Consumers all respond to different things, so it’s critical to reach them in all kinds of ways.”

And Mutual CU accomplishes that huge variety of touch points and media with Over the last five years, she’s turned to us for not just direct mail campaigns on all types of loans, but also new accountholder onboarding, marketing automation, annual reports, member kits, a merger packet and more. Whenever possible, Susan targets her marketing pieces to eight separate personas that represent life stages, and her designer and copywriter know how to adapt imagery and language not only to her brand, but also to each persona.

Recently, Susan also enlisted our help with social media marketing. Since going from a one-person marketing team to two a few years ago, Mutual CU had fleshed out social media as a PR tool. But they really wanted to increase engagement on that channel and turn it into a lead generation opportunity. The trouble, Susan says, was that neither she nor her colleague had the acumen nor the time it would take to be effective in such a specialized area. Luckily, did.

“I was so impressed by our initial conversation with and their digital marketing services partner, Logical Position. I was blown away by the details and the info they had,” Susan said. “Since that very first phone call, I’ve felt completely confident in this, and I’m really excited to see what happens with our social engagement.”

Susan works with us for the results, but also for the teamwork and communication. She loves having an entire team she can get on the phone with to bounce ideas around – a team she says keeps her on track, does a lot of the heavy lifting and truly “gets her.”

“With, my brain is free to focus on strategy and other things. Just knowing that the rest will be ready to go makes my life so much easier,” Susan said. “And the really great thing is that it’s not just a formal professional relationship I’ve developed there – it really does feel like a partnership with people I like and trust.”

Susan, the feeling is "Mutual" – pun intended! Thank you for letting us partner with you.

Posted by Kim Ziehr - September 23, 2020