Client Spotlight: Jennifer Lopez of LUSO Federal Credit Union

Client Spotlight: Jennifer Lopez of LUSO Federal Credit Union

Jennifer Lopez spent 10 years in local journalism with a grueling work schedule and decided to shift her career to marketing to be able to spend more time with her son. She worked for a full-service marketing agency before she started at LUSO Federal Credit Union as their Marketing Manager. Jennifer is now LUSO’s Director of Marketing and the only full-time marketing staff member at the credit union.

LUSO chose to partner with in January 2024 to expand their digital reach to both current and potential members through GeoFraming®, search display ads and more. is thrilled to be an extension of LUSO’s marketing team. While our partnership is just beginning with LUSO, we asked Jennifer some questions about her experience as a client so far.

What do you enjoy most about the services you provide?

I always joke that I’m a full-service marketing firm wrapped up in an individual package. Marketing is constantly evolving, so I’m always learning something new. If you look back at our marketing from the time that I first started, you can almost see the evolution of my skill set; as I learned something new, it would appear in almost everything I produced at that time. As you can imagine, I’ve grown quite a lot in my role and abilities. It’s both challenging and rewarding, which keeps me interested.

Is there a project you’re really proud of?

I take pride in everything I do, but I think the biggest professional accomplishment (for which I’m most proud) was collaborating with our website developer and executive team to launch our new website, which went live in February 2024. We view our website as our “digital branch” and spent a good deal of time planning how it would look and what functionality it would offer. It was incredibly gratifying to see it come to fruition.

What brought you to

I first stumbled upon in 2019 when I received your Idea Book in the mail. I love pithy one-liners and a good play on words, and the way those were incorporated in your ad designs to market banks and credit unions spoke to me on a personal level. I kept those books on hand for inspiration whenever I felt like I was hitting a creative wall with our marketing. When LUSO’s executive team decided to explore digital marketing, partnering with was my first recommendation.

How has your organization benefited from’ products and services?

One of our goals when we began working with was to increase our digital marketing and online advertising. Our partnership coincided with the launch of our new website, so by working with, we were able to drive more traffic to our “digital branch.” It’s always gratifying to note an increase in our website users and be able to see the amount of new traffic that comes in through our digital campaigns.

We’ve also benefited creatively – the postcard and email campaign designs that created for us have helped me elevate our internal graphic design; I’ve been able to tie in some of our existing marketing collateral to what has provided us in order to maintain cohesiveness across channels.

What do you appreciate about working with

The communication. Having worked for an agency in the past, I know firsthand how many players there are behind the scenes and can appreciate that when we have a question it might need to be funneled to someone else on the team to provide an answer. Our account reps are always on top of our inquiries and respond in a timely manner that allows me to easily pivot, if necessary.

Thank you, Jennifer, for placing your trust in! We are excited to continue our partnership with LUSO and work closely with you to help you thrive.

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Posted by Sarah Clark - May 29, 2024