Be Seen With Search Engine Advertising

Be Seen With Search Engine Advertising

Welcome to the world of online everything! This is where your audience is, so this is where you go to be seen.

Did you know that 75% of people don’t scroll past the first page of Google™ search results? But keyword searches can take your name to the top of the list. Search engine advertising puts your financial institution in front of people actively searching for your products and services on Google, Bing®, Yahoo® and MSN®.

Here’s how it works:
If someone searches “free checking account near me,” for example – and the keywords match the parameters of your search engine ad – the user will see your financial institution at the top of their search results. This approach can also go one step further by serving up website display ads that are tied to keyword searches.

Retargeting takes your marketing to another level.
Your display ads can appear in the advertising that your website visitors see elsewhere. Follow them around online – with ads that show up while they’re on other sites and even on their own social media – to encourage clicks to your webpages. This retargeting strategy boasts a big benefit: it gets your website visitors to come back!

Gain big views for a small ad spend.
Because viewership opportunities can be strategically targeted, they’re cost effective, so you gain more trackable views for your ad spend. Draw online traffic to your site easily and affordably.

Data-driven does it best.
The most powerful aspect of the search engine advertising strategy is that it’s data driven, providing you with a tool for building connections and expanding income potential.

Magnify your marketing efforts. can help! Partner with us to target the right search keywords, create ads that get clicks or calls and track your ROI. You’ll benefit from:

  • 100% ownership of your ad accounts
  • Free copywriting and unlimited design proofs
  • Easy access to data and reports
  • An expert team to walk you through every step of the way!

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Posted by Charity Wanta - April 03, 2024