Attracting New Movers Through Onboarding

There’s a new family in town – and you want them to visit your financial institution! Getting a new mover’s attention over a competitor can be tricky, and doing nothing is not an option – so what do you do?

Humans are not rational beings; they tend to make decisions based on emotion and then rationalize it with facts later. Even when someone is shopping around, 70 percent of final decisions include a brand or organization that was part of their initial consideration set. This means that getting their attention early on is critical.

That’s where onboarding comes in. Sending welcoming postcards to people who recently moved into town can get your name into that initial consideration set, even before they start thinking about finding a new bank or credit union. Making a good first impression and showcasing your quality of products and will help keep your brand top of mind.

Utilizing creative elements, such as a business card or a special size or shape, can also help your piece really get noticed in the mailbox. A business card can be easily saved in a wallet or stuck to a fridge, and a unique mailer can make your financial institution much more memorable.

When and how you contact these new movers influence whether they select you or a competitor. Here at, we can work with you to craft an attractive onboarding campaign that will help you stand out as you make that critical first connection. Contact an account executive today to get started.


Posted by Becca Cooper - November 06, 2019